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Avoid injury from running in worn sneakers

ShoeCycle is a totally FREE app that you use to keep track of the wear on your running shoes! Use ShoeCycle to track the miles and purchase date of your running shoes.


No other app makes it easier

Do you really need GPS to tell you how far you’ve run?  There’s no need to take your phone on the run with you.  Just enter your distance anytime after your run.  ShoeCycle can be used entirely offline, or enable Strava, and log your runs using this popular online service. Do you switch between many different running shoes? Just swipe up or down on the shoe photo area to move from one shoe to the next!



  • Totally FREE! No ads!
  • Post your runs onto Strava.
  • Integration with Apple's Health App.
  • Dead simple distance entry.
  • Swipe up or down on the photo to quickly switch between shoes.
  • Visual progress indicators. Know your shoe wear at a glance!
  • Store up to four favorite distances!
  • Email your run history in a CSV file.
  • Easy shoe setup.
  • Include the distance that is already on your shoes.
  • Track multiple shoes.
  • Convert easily between miles and kilometers!

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